Hoff Alert!

(Got this via email after signing up on the get Hoff to No.1 site)

Yes! It's what you've all been waiting for...The Hoff Alert - BUY NOW!

It seems a long time ago we set this site up. Possibly it seems a long time since you signed up.

Months have passed, much has happened, but now, it is time for something wondrous to occur. Time that this miraculous event should come to pass.

Time for us to go out unto the world and buy the Hoff.

Go out and buy 'Jump In My Car', a delightful ode to highway harassment, a gleeful celebration of the joys of luring unsuspecting women into your talking lovewagon. Truly, a stranger danger masterpiece (told from the stranger's point of view).

The last time the Hoff motivated people like this, the Berlin Wall came down. Who knows what may happen this time? World peace? Perhaps. An end to global suffering? Possibly. The presence of something other than X Factor induced tedium at number 1? We can but hope.

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Thanks for signing up and let's hope we can get the Hoff to number 1. This campaign was a bit of an experiment to see if people power over the internet could make something daft like this happen, and hopefully it will.

Thanks as well to all the media peeps who've supported us (including The Sun, Evening Standard, Reggie Yates, Scott Mills, the Ugly Phil show and Dave Fanning) - just to clarify though, this was a purely amateur effort fuelled by people power and not some kind of official marketing effort.

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New Crew Shirts

Perhaps these should be our 'drinking shirts' for next year?

Want to read the Angry Plat in peace at work?

Then try this little tool from Work Friendly.

Just type our link into the box, and hey presto!

Awesome :-)

(Note: As this is a proxy for your web requests, I would NOT suggest using this to view any important sites where you are required to enter a password or personal details!)

Disapearing River

Probably not a problem for us, but it's interesting to here that the Environment Agency are pumping water into the Itchen further up its course as it's drying out due to the hot weather!

Where's Stubbs?

Bit like 'where's wally?' this one. See if you can find the picture of our club captain, Stephen Stubbs in this months regatta magazine.

First one to spot him wins 50p.


Quite a few of the senior men have been seen 'loitering with intent (to train)' around the rowing club recently. In fact some have even be seen on an ergo or re-arranging the weights stack at the club.

Speaking to Mick, squad training proper will resume at the start of September. However some of us are looking to start getting a few water and ergo sessions in starting from now, so if it's of interest let me know (jamie_caffrey at hotmail dot com)

Anyone for a bit of surf boat fun?

After watching the video on the front of the UK Surf Rowers League (you will need Internet Explorer to watch it) I feel inspired to take up the challenge and go paddle in some very big waves!

Looks like the nearest club, Southbourne Boaties is just a bit down the road too.

Who fancies a trip?

(Cheers for the link Stubbs)

(EDIT: ok, so I didn't see the link on the Tideway Slug before I posted this. Interesting that Leander and Molesey are entering crews also)